System for electrophoresis of serum proteins

ElectrophoresisThe system contains

  • Voltage source (50-220Vcc, 0-100mA, timer 0-99’59”, supply voltage 220Vca/50Hz, short-circuit protection)
  • Migration bath (made of plastic and provided with two platinum electrodes and detection system with open cap, connection cable with supply source)
  • System for analyzing, calculating and interpreting the results (WindowsXp platform computer, multifunctional type images acquisition and printing system: scanner-printer-copy device, specific software)

Main operating characteristics

  • migration, foil reading, results saving and printing;
  • automatic identification of migration bands for each sample; identification of seroproteins fractions;
  • possibility of selectign the analysis type (5, 6 or 7 fractions); possibility of selecting the reading color (red, blue, green or gray-scale);
  • possibility of selecting the data processing type allowing the two-point or multipoint calibration;
  • possibility of taking over the reagents for calibration data corresponding to the used lot of reagents from the producer (if the producer of reagents provides this service);
  • two-levels possibility of control (normal and pathologic);
  • saving of data regarding the patients and performed samples in the data basis
  • possibility of selecting the operating mode and acquisition of migration images: from scanner, memory or by means of  the „Assistant” (this mode is an interactive one, as the operator must only follow the displayed indications).

Electrophoresis print screen